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Crystal Clear Doming

What is Doming?

DOMING is a process of dispensing a clear resin onto a two-dimensional surface such as labels, decals, nameplates, etc. DOMING greatly enhances the appeal of a conventional flat label. This process dramatically transforms graphics into visually appealing three-dimensional decorative items; it is what separates a DOME from a standard sticker. DOMING also prolongs the lifetime of a label by adding a crystal clear cap sealing and protecting the image underneath.

DOMING Benefits

  • 3D Visual effect
  • Extremely durable
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Resists fading and will not discolor with outdoor use
  • Will not warp or wrinkle

Step 1 – Print Your Decal

  • Set up artwork properly
  • Decals are printed by methods of digital, screen print, flexography, or thermal
  • Decals are kiss cut by methods of steel rule die, computer cut, or thermal

Step 2 – Prepare Decals

  • Strip Waste
  • Clean decals
  • Place sheets of decals on trays

Step 3 – Technicians Program and calibrate doming machine

  • Dispensing needles are carefully positioned for individual sheet layout
  • Resin amounts are adjusted to ensure that each label is filled to highest level obtainable
  • Program is created
  • Production begins and resin is poured on to sheet decals
  • Due to surface tension the resin flows to the edge of the decal and comes to a stop creating a dome like shape

Step 4 – Ready to Cure

  • Slide trays to end of table and inspect every label
  • Place tray on stacking cart
  • Let decals cue for 24-48 hours
  • Final inspection
  • Parts are ready to be shipped

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