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Contract / Trade Doming

3 Simples Steps to add dimensions to an ordinary label

1) Request a quote

2) Use doming guidelines for set up and printing requirements

3) Ship decal to CCD

Relax, let us do the work and you will
receive your dome decals


  • 3D Visual Effect
  • UV resistant
  • Scratch and Impact resistant
  • Resist fading and will not discolor
  • Will not warp or wrinkle


CCD offers a highly confidential trade doming service to many customers from within the print industry and has made substantial investments in the improvement of doming to offer a high end quality domed finished product.

Our trade doming service includes application of resin onto free issued supplied substrates, once we have confirmed there ant no compatibility issues with the print surface or materials used then ad we proceed to manufacturing.
Consider doming on labels, decals, nameplates, name badges and many other products.
When added to top of your printed graphic, a lens will be formed giving you a 3-dimensional effect that protects your graphics and elevates your logo.

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