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Decals and Labels

Labels and Decals are easily applied and are a cost effective option for decorating products, promoting events, motor vehicles, pop displays and packaging. CCD offers a variety of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives graphics ( PSA) produced on a wide range of materials and adhesives. Choose from a variety of PSA stock materials: vinyl’s, Polyesters, polycarbonate, and paper.

Special project with custom requirements No problem. Take advantage of CCD short run custom constructed PSA. Our custom solutions for PSA can be contracted to resist chemicals, UV rays, abrasion, and excessive temperature. We have the capability of matching adhesive performance to your individual requirements in considerably less quantities than the typical vendor. We can do this by changing printing systems and/or the thickness of the adhesive. These are high end, solvent based adhesives that provide the highest performance and endurance in the industry.


  • Finishes: Chrome, brushed silver, clear, white, metallic, gloss,
    matte, and associated colors.
  • Print Processes: Screen, digital, flexography, thermal, serialization,
    bar-coding and rfid.
  • Inks: PMS color, color matching, 4 color process,, transparent inks, overprint clear.
  • Processing: Straight cut, Steel Rule die, Thermal die cutting, computer digital cutting.


  • Electronic devices
  • Tool boxes
  • Hi-tech equipment
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Household goods
  • Automotive indusrty
  • Cellular communications
  • Advertising Automotive
  • Toolboxes, garden furniture, bathroom fittings and more
  • Computers, refrigerators, air conditioners and all other household appliances
  • Plastic, office, garden kitchen and children’s furniture
  • Motor vehicles, motorcycles, alarm systems, automobile accessories and more
  • Handles, edgings, faucets, shower cubicles and more
  • Logos, giveaways, stickers, key holders and more
  • Cosmetics and toiletries, wines and spirits, boxes and luggage

Embossing Capabilities:

Can be used to enhance the appearance of a decal by using mirror chrome film and raising letters or imparting a pattern into the material such as a crush pattern, wave pattern, raised letters or other desired effect. Sometimes transparent inks are also used to create different hues on the film.

Adhesives: Extensive range of adhesives: permanent, removable, repositionable, rough textured surfaces, and low surface energy applications

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