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Eco Emblems

Eco Emblems are 3-dimensional, flexible and eye-catching emblems which intensify
the finished appearance of the product or service. The patented technology fuses unique materials using heat, electromagnetic waves and pressure to create beautiful contours and shapes. Chrome versions of Eco Emblems give the presence of a polished or brushed metal, while maintaining the flexibility to conform to contoured surfaces.

Astounding 3-dimensional effects are achieved with multiple levels of raised and recessed areas on the same emblem. The varying patterns and textures can be used in combination with chrome and colors to enhance an Eco Emblem. The potential graphic design options are unlimited due to the endless combinations that can be achieved on the products three layers.


  • A wide range of finishes – chrome, gold, silver, brass, copper, wood and any combination of colors
  • A wide range of surfaces – shiny, matte, brushed or antique finish
  • Can be combined with Dome Decals


  • Automotive and motorcycles
  • Tool boxes, garden, furniture and bathroom fittings
  • Computers, alarm systems, refrigerators, air conditioners and household appliances
  • Plastic, office, kitchen and children’s furniture
  • Handles, edgings, faucets and shower cubicles
  • Logos and promotional products
  • Cosmetics, toiletries, wines, spirits, boxes and luggage

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